It was bonfire night, a girlfriend & I had decided to throw a barbecue at the home of Marina who’s father had a farm.
This was to be grand affair & a barbecue to remember. We placed bales of hay all around the large yard for seating, fitted them into the cowshed where the live group were to play with doors opening out into the yard.
An open sided caravan placed in the centre of the yard containing all the non barbecue food & drinks.
Lights strung all around it & the yard, weather was a dry & balmy night, about 50 people were invited.
I purchased fireworks thinking this would be great to close the evening….

Everything looked & sounded terrific, it was buzzing, people were really enjoying themselves, lots of laughter, the atmosphere was just what we’d aimed for.
An ex-boyfriend asked me to dance, I refused,presumably because I was busy.
The next thing I saw was the ex-boyfriend lighting a firework, which had been placed in a caravan cupboard, not to be used when it was pointed out they’d frighten the horses & other animals on the farm.

He placed a rocket on a window, horizontally not vertically, before I could get to him, he lit it………… this rocket smashed into the face of another friend… who was standing, facing, only feet away……..

I remember ringing the ambulance… the age it took to get through… the questions I had to answer……. the long nightmarish wait for the ambulance to arrive, it was 1am.

The friends eyeball was smashed.
That very day this friend had passed his medical to become a pilot in the RAF, his mother hadn’t wanted it, he was so handsome.

The ex-boyfriend was not an irresponsible person, the most popular of our group, a college lecturer, but……. such stupid things alcohol can reduce people to.

I abhor these lethal things called fireworks. Why has the law allowed the public, to buy them without any sort of control ? I also think they are an utter waste of money these days.
It has taken generations to realise they are dangerous explosives.
From that day to this I have never bought another firework, my children were never allowed them.
A lesson learnt too late for me & my friends.