The truth about the Pakistan floods. It would appear that the conspiracy theories could well be true.
No, I’m not referring to the intellectual who accused the Indians of manufacturing rain clouds , nor am I referring to Allah wanting to punish the Pakistanis, I am however repeating the lesser known accusation that the ‘feudals’ [ land owners] deliberately diverted the flood waters from a dam collecting the heavy rains, to prevent their own lands being flooded.
How else did one side of the river Indus, stay relatively dry, when the other was completely devastated ?
Do we yet again, see corruption at its most evil, in this ravaged country?

Not only have the government let their people down by failing to provide adequate aid & support, they have opened the country up to more terrorism, by leaving a void, which is rapidly being filled by the charitable arm of the controversial group Jamaat Ud Dawa, which has been linked to the Mumbai terror attacks.
Islamic aid comes with strings,these people will be bound through gratitude, will they be able to refuse the recruiters pressure to support their own terrorist cause ?
Muslims doing unspeakable harm to their own, it would appear the population of Pakistan have the choice between the devil or his assistants.

Last nights program with Peter Oborne was very enlightening.