Next week a killing spree will be seen around the world,every muslim country will indulge in cruelty a celebration of slaughtering animals, letting them bleed to death,in the streets, on pavements, in gardens & even on balconies.
Throats will be slit,animals will slowly die as blood is allowed to drain out of the slashed throat. No butchery experience necessary, not everyone will even have a sharp knife.
The figures are frightening, muslims are obliged to kill & sacrifice an animal for Eid /Bayram , the maximum number of people allowed to eat from one animal is seven, with one & a half billion muslims around the world, I ask you how many million animals is that ?
How many gallons of blood will there be flowing into rivers & drains next week?
Some of the photo’s are so appalling I couldn’t show the blood running down the streets of Egypt,Palestine & elsewhere.

This will happen to one million animals in Turkey alone !
How many will that be in the UK ?
How can we have an RSPCA & let this happen ?
How can a woman be taken to court for putting a cat in a wheelie bin when this is ‘allowed’ to happen ?

My disgust is not the killing for food, but the amateur,unsupervised, bloodfest, of this annual ritual.
It’s Pagan, it’s squalid, it’s gory & it’s outdated.