Three weeks ago I arrived on time for my Dr’s appointment. I was ushered into the waiting room where I sat for 2 hours.
Finally my name called, I was taken into a surgery by the locum of the day as my own Doctor was holidaying in Zambia.
I explained that I needed to get my jabs up to date ready for my own trip to Africa,handing over my vaccination records which he checked.
Firstly he said Yellow fever & Hepatitis A is still valid, but you will need Typhus & Hepatitis B plus Malaria protection.
He then checked a huge book on his desk to see if the first two could be injected at the same time, yes, but the Hepatitis is in three injections, spread over a year so I needed to make appointments a month apart, with the final one in a year.
He duly wrote out a prescription for me to buy at the Pharmacy, with strict instruction to keep all vaccines in the fridge..
The following week I returned with said vaccines neatly contained in a small thermal bag supplied by the chemist.
My heart sank as I entered the crowded waiting room. I waited 2 hours & 10 minutes. I saw the same locum, who once again checked his medical bible & now informs me, no, each injection will have to be separate, oh & the Hepatitis B is in fact 4 injections over the year & can’t be done until I’ve had a blood test to test for antibodies still in the system !
He then wrote out another prescription for me to take to a lab in the town. to have said test. No injection was given.
I returned to the car convinced this was all utter nonsense, never before had I been through this palaver. I decided to forget all about him, the blood test & did not go to the lab, but to wait & see my own Doc on his return.
Today was that day.
For the first time in 7 years I saw my own Doctor, after a 30 minute wait, he informed me that Hepatitis B is for ‘sex’ & surely I didn’t need it ?
[ A bit presumptuous but correct ] Presumably he meant sleeping around ?

He then injected the Typhus vaccine into my right arm,had a chat about his holls [ he’s a keen Lepidopterist] & told me to return the surplus H-B vaccine to the pharmacy & get a refund!!!

So, 3 journeys, 3 appointments & 5 hours-40 minutes waiting time, I get what I needed………. in 30 minutes flat !!!

I tell you all this , because the French medical system is held up as the best in the world. 😉

I forgot to say, one pays the doctor direct , via cheque before leaving his surgery. No secretary takes the money for these guys.