What is it with people on this site & their begrudging attitude to England hosting international events? Why are you so down on something which can only be good for the country ?

This is where I differ. I have been really disappointed by the attitude of so many on this & the Olympics.

No…….. the clubs are not the only ones to gain, what they do gain is taxed anyway,more for the coffers

The world & his wife would head to England.
Where do you think they will, stay, eat, drink, shop, visit & buy memorabilia, not to mention the airlines paying tax on fuelling up, other forms of transport once those supporters are here in the way of trains,buses,taxis, etc ?
Visitors that like it return too so more tourism…

This is exactly what a good prime minister should be doing,promoting the country on the world stage,far better than sending aid to Pakistan or troops to some far flung place.
Had we won the bid, the prestige of the country & the feel good factor comes into play.

Love it or loath it,football engages millions in the UK every week-end, many kids love it which keeps them off the streets, giving them something to aspire to.
Like it or not, all sport has true value…

I also wish the pundits would stop saying we got it wrong…. we didn’t, yes Panorama must have affected the voting,but the outcome is fair,it’s called the world cup, these two have never had a chance before, it is now their turn , why should we have it again when they never have ?
Russia & Qatar can well afford to build new stadia too.
They will have both the cash & the headache of all it entails…….. So I say good luck to them.