I really cannot believe this, that the French have all been cleared for the Concorde crash 10 years ago !

A truly heartbreaking sight.

Continental airlines have been pronounced as the sole culprits, because that strip of Titanium fell off one of their planes, onto the runway, as it took off 20 minutes before Concorde.
Of course the case was heard in France by the French, but don’t you think this is blatant bias ?

What of this airports responsibility to keep runways clear, in the correct condition for planes to take off?
Don’t airlines pay fees for that service ?
Didn’t the French airport authority fail to fulfill their contractual obligations ?
Wasn’t the pilot also French, who disobeyed the French traffic controllers ?
Didn’t the report say the French had got the fuel loadings wrong ?

Truly, I despair that honesty is just a word these days

Continental are appealing the verdict….. so they should,but will the appeal dare to come out with a different verdict.

Have now found what I was looking for:

“By Katell Prigent and Pascale Juilliard (AFP) – Feb 3, 2010
PONTOISE, France — A French manslaughter trial probing a deadly Concorde crash blamed on a strip of metal lying on the runway heard Wednesday that inspectors had failed to check the runway before the disaster.
Three runway checks were supposed to be carried out each day, the court was told, but no inspection had been carried out for nearly 12 hours before the supersonic jet took off at 4:42 pm on July 25, 2000.
“The day of the accident, the last inspection was carried out at 5:00 in the morning,” Judge Dominique Andreassier said, reading out documents presented to the court in Pontoise, near Paris.
The afternoon inspection had not been carried out on runway 26 at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport because a fire drill was being conducted, she said.”