Heathrow airport is run by a SPANISH company, BAA.
I fear many think BAA , British Airport Authority, is an offshoot of British Airways… it is nothing of the sort.
The image posted around the world is an embarrassment & I want to make this known. The Spanish company have failed spectacularly to get things up & running quickly.
However the British owned & run airport of Gatwick have had nothing like the bad press & seem to have managed their problems well.

Likewise EUROSTAR is not run by the British, but the FRENCH, they have also managed the situation badly, but no surprises there at all, I’ve always said they couldn’t organise a wine tasting in a Chateau !

Maybe this will make the powers that be, realise just how free competition can damage our credibility, selling off major companies used & judged by the rest of the world, can tarnish a proud nation.