I awoke, got out of bed & went to open the curtains [ well actually to remove a tapestry banner which is my window screen ] & promptly felt a sting in my foot !
This turned out to be a Wasp sting.
I then rushed downstairs to dowse it with vinegar,only to find it was a new bottle of which I couldn’t remove the lid. Foot in the meantime stinging like crazy.
Eventually I gave up trying to remove said lid from bottle, I took a corkscrew & bored through the plastic.

I later went to my local Post Office to try & find a missing parcel posted in the UK December the 9th, yes well another gallic shrug of the shoulders by monsieur who said he needed the postman’s slip & some ID to find it.
When I handed the Royal Mail slip for proof of sending & explaining there had been no postman’s slip,he of course was completely foxed & refused to go & look if any parcels on the shelf, bore my name.
I then returned home to find my stroppy neighbour had completely blocked the way to my door, she does this from time to time to assert herself !

As these things come in threes I’m really hoping that’s my lot for today !