Last week-end I witnessed something which gladdened my heart.

I was in Zanzibar for three days. What a joy to see both Christians & Muslims worshipping & working side by side.We heard the Mosque calling very infrequently, unfortunately I didn’t get back to take a pic of the Mosque……. of which there were few.

We did however go to the Catholic Cathedral on the Sunday morning,quite by chance on a walk about the non tourist areas.

Look at these windows…..unprotected & undamaged:

My daughter & I both had bare shoulders with sensible length skirts,we chose to travel by ferry, one & a half hours , the only white women, the rest were mostly muslims in mixed dressed styles..
The people were charming, we suffered no hassle whatsoever at anytime during our stay & not at any time did we feel anything but safe.
The general atmosphere was calm & a quiet peace.

Why do I say all this, because Zanzibar has Sharia law.
I don’t know how the Christians feel about that,but I do know I saw a full church, Africans dressed in their Sunday best,one could pick them out in the streets as they made their way to church,they were the clean & smartly dressed people especially the women & children.

Is this what the British government thought they would achieve with their multi culti plan,men women & children of all colours & creed treating each other with respect ?

I might add this freedom is also seen here in Dar es Salaam where there are new modern churches full to overflowing ……… so why are other parts of Africa so anti Christianity, what causes the strife we are seeing in the north,Asia & Europe ?