En route. Arrival: Typical Zanzibar door,of which there are thousands of varying patterns, I’d love one of these ! The only place to be for your sundowner… Africa House Hotel terrace:
This Hotel used to be an English Club, many traces of those days exist today, with photos of Royals on the staircase walls. The efficiency could be said to have ‘slipped’ , we called it Fawlty Towers expecting John Clease to appear any minute saying’ don’t mention the war !! But this is Africa [ TIA ] one has to go with the flow & I’d still recommend staying here. Just remember, if you go to Zanzibar, it’s hot…& none of the hotels have lifts.

If it’s fitness you’re after this is the place LOL !!

Because this is what you get , night after night………….. [Sorry about the layout, I’ve tried to line this up,but, gawd bless MyT ]