After 5 weeks away, I can’t tell you how brilliant it is to be ‘cool’ again!
Landing at Heathrow, London didn’t disappoint,cold, grey,wet & windy wonderful & very welcome.
Leaving Dar es Salaam was sad but the compensations of not to be eaten by Mosquitos,no Ants in the teapot, no power cuts that left me to sweat the night away, not being woken by barking guard dogs, security alarms or….. house guards at 6am, nor do I miss sitting in traffic jams for hours,chaotic driving & choking on filthy exhaust fumes!

Power cuts, due to the hydro electric dams being low on water as the small rains were just that, small, the big rains not due for another month or so. I do wonder if hydro electric was the ideal power choice for a country renown for water shortages ?
The humidity & heat combined are crippling ,sapping all energy at this time of year……. I learnt how to walk like an African…plod, plod, plod, slowly……. until we saw an Elephant coming towards us that is !

There were of course many wonderful times which out numbered the bad, yes, Zanzibar, then the Safari to camp in Selous, where we saw so many animals.
Enjoying time away from the above, far from civilisation,transported back into luxury & genteel times, when service was a case of, almost, anything you desire & all requirements were pandered too,the true Karen Blixen Safari style.


>>>>>>>>> The Animals

>>>>>>>>> The Moonlight,poolside Opera::
The Ethiopian,open air restaurant, an experience never to be repeated at this time of year,attacked by huge flying ants the size of dragonflies, at dusk!
So, 4 airlines [1 scary, single prop, turbulent flight] & five different beds later……. I’m back home with a bump &…………….. I’m loving it. 🙂