One women is killed everyday in the name of ‘honour’ in Turkey.
But… five women are killed on average,per day.
This is a country which is being wooed to enter the EU. Read the stats:

– 1 million girls are not going to school
– 4 million women have no formal education
– 4 out of 10 women face violence in their daily lives
– 1 woman dies every day in an ‘honor killing’

In Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia last year…

– 72 women were murdered, including 10 under the age of 18
– 113 committed suicide, including 28 minor girls
– 73 attempted suicide, including 10 minor girls
– 9 women were raped or harassed by security forces
– 7 women were forced into prostitution by family violence

Add to these shocking figures,the arrests of journalists, jailed without trial or proof,the murders of Catholic priests,the governments refusal to give Kurds & Alevis, who are Turks,equality & their hatred of Israel. Plus the denial of the Armenian genocide.
I genuinely wonder what the EU promoters are thinking of. Yes I’ve argued, by dangling the carrot of membership in front of Erdogan, it could improve conditions for Turkish people, but as yet there are few signs that this is working.

Just because Turkey is located strategically, with an improving economy, western powers choose to ignore the fact that core of Turkey………… is rotten.

Headline: ‘For Turkish women the killing never stops’.—for-first-page-2011-03-07