Rudyard Kiplings House:

If only our leaders had stuck to Kipling’s advice, instead of trying to meld the two.
Yet still they don’t learn, they want to go even deeper into this morass,even though the voices on information boards are saying…. don’t.
It was the same for Iraq,a million marched on the streets of London & were ignored!
Surely Iraq & Afghanistan were enough without contemplating Libya?
It took an ordinary person to get immigration to the top of the agenda for the election,what will it take to make Cameron listen to the will of the people ?

When will leaders see that the westerner thinks logically,the easterner thinks emotionally ?
The two are as different as oil & water,there is no ingredient to emulsify the two. East looks backward the West forward, one seeks vengeance the other forgiveness.

How could the two ever live side by side in harmony ?

I see the Islamic people as tribal, archaic & inflexible.
There is no place in a modern society, such as the UK,for these people unless they adapt their views to ours, but that’s where the inflexibility shows, they can’t ad

Already the UK has paid a huge price for the folly of it’s multi-cult experiment, both financially & in perception. Our country is now seen to be the country which breeds & harbours terrorists.

Leaders also arrive with a set of ideals & closed minds.
The very people who put them in power watch them make decisions which are against their nations interest.
It would seem politicians go deaf & stop learning once they have the letters, MP , after their name. They chose the easy option by inviting many foreigners in instead of creating training progammes for their own people.

What were they thinking with this short term view ?