Listening to BBC [ who are loving it ] radio this morning,I’m mystified why all these Bahrainian shi’ites are demanding help from a Christian country, the UK.
So the Sunni, Saudi soldiers are there supporting the Sunni King & I have no doubt will be brutal, but, why have the Bahrainis not appealed to their co-religionists,Iran ?
The Arab world is huge with surely some friends amongst them…….. yet here they are almost expecting us to go to their aid.
As Gadaffi too, is now talking of punishments.

One minute they vilify us for Iraq & Afghanistan, forgetting our help in Kosovo/Bosnia,the next demanding help. ?
Is there an overall plan ? Am I missing something here ?

All I can do is repeat,thank goodness we have not intervened, we’d be right in the middle of a Sunni [Saudi] & Shi’ites [Iran] battle & suffer yet more terrorism on our home soil.
Just like the past they will forget in an instant any help given by the UK.
Mr Cameron stay out of this !