I have heard this morning that there is to be a new system of self moderation on MyT.
As I understand it, this is to take the form of a similar arrangement seen in the highly respected Daily Mail.
Alongside their comments they have an option of a recommend button [ green thumb] & a dislike button [red thumb]
The difference when incorporated here at MyT will be that each will not cancel the other out as in the Mail, but correlated at the end of each week.
This new voting method will as transparent as the present one here on MyT, where a bloggers voting pattern can be clearly viewed by clicking on a posters avatar.
What will be different is that all votes will again be computer correlated at the end of each month by disqus, should there be an excess of red thumbs [ number to be determined ] they will be held on record.
Should a blogger be consistently …. in the red so to speak, over & above a set limit over the period of one month, [ 4 weeks ] they will be excluded from MyT for the period of one month….. and, for each exclusion the period will be extended by one additional week.
With this system in place it is thought that bloggers will temper their behaviour & think twice when posting consistently abusive comments.

The thinking is that this will add another dimension to the MyT blogging experience.

This new system is to relieve the overworked moderation team at DT towers & will be put in place when the new non Beta MyT version, is up & running.

Any further suggestions are welcome.