Today is the start of an important appeal, once again a contentious issue rears its ugly head. Some will remember my post on a listed building near Sandhurst,being used as a Mosque.
The Mosque users want demolish this fine building & build a new Saudi style mosque of a larger size.
The problem is threefold ,not only is this a listed building but the new design for the mosque has a huge dome & two minarets 100ft high . These would overlook the Sandhurst parade ground !

Initial planning permission was given, a good demonstration on how little research planning officers do.
This was overturned after much disapproval from locals & others.
However, Muslims being a determined group who we know don’t back down when competing with the Kuffar, has appealed,that appeal starts today.
I can only hope the residents of Camberley have brought out the big guns again this time .
[ Metaphorically of course,I think ]

Good Luck everyone, I sincerely hope common sense prevails.