I have been so alarmed at all the misery spilling onto these pages recently. All the talk of Christianity being dead & then the cult of Islam banging on about being the religion of peace when we see so much to the contrary.
The Amadis saying the Bible is mostly untrue [ Oh yes they do ] so I wanted to show that not only is Christianity alive & well but very much alive & kicking!

Flash mob are a movement worldwide, who appear seemingly from nowhere,sing,dance,spread the message in a modern happy way which makes people smile. They are colourful & free giving the ‘feel good’ factor to all who watch them, they genuinely celebrate their faith, not by ‘submitting’ or prostrating themselves, but in mixed company, with smiles,dance,colour & laughter. I feel sure this is the future for those who ‘believe’ in an enlightened way.
The gloom & doomsters who want to put the ‘fear of God’ into others will not gain any converts.
It has always been a mystery to me that those who profess to be believers are always so damned intense, constantly navel gazing, obsessed with self ‘self purification’, & rarely joyful!
Why is this ?
If your God gave you this beautiful world why are you so miserable,why can’t you enjoy the beauty around you instead of being so intent on espousing gloom & doom ?
Religion in this day & age is too solemn,imagine travelling hundreds of miles to Mecca to slap a rock…. where everyone is colourlessly dressed the same with strict rules to adhere to ?
Watch hundreds of Christian people freely delighting in their faith without control. Free spirits all. There’s too much emphasis on bad youngsters, where there should be praise for the good ones.
Whilst I truly enjoy the classical greats from church music I also enjoyed this happy modern music & seeing so many young Christians dancing & what a setting it is…

“Some will probably ask, “What’s the point?” and see it as a silly waste of time. I see it as a creative form of public worship.
And while worship is done to glorify God, the world needs to see Christians being joyful, having fun, and being comfortable expressing their faith publicly more often.”

What do you think?

A Flashmob meet today in Trafalgar Square 2-30 to do a Christathon, song will be the Python version of, ‘Always look on the bright side of life’, a cross will be carried, collections for Christian Aid.