I have warned Catrina to avert her eyes.

I made a huge dinner plate size,half now in the freezer.

This is my Royal Pork Pie.Royal because it was made on the day of the wedding.
I used a mix of Tom’s & Nigel Slaters recipe & yes it is properly cooked, it seems when this meat is inside pastry the colour stays pink.
The ingredients were belly pork,farce,mace,thyme, the pastry is fantastic, I couldn’t find straight lard so, very extravagantly I used all duck fat.

I did go to the trouble of making the jelly,using a pigs trotter, BUT as with all my cooking there’s always a but, I couldn’t wait to taste this first attempt at making a pork pie so, before going to bed I thought I’d sneak a slice, I cut into it …………and the jelly was still juice, it wasn’t set & therefore flooded out of the pie.

Now I know why they say ‘place in fridge overnight’. 😦

The verdict on home made pork pie, delicious & so easy to make. I shall definitely do it again.