I have just been reading about OBL’s landlords, it seems the Khan brothers & their wives were very secretive. No visitors went to the house, they didn’t put out bins [ no pun intended ] like their neighbours, there was no phone landline or internet.
What on earth did OBL do all day if he was housebound ?

One child was allowed in to play with the 8/9 children at this compound.

But the most telling of all is that the wives wore Burkas when leaving the house, the locals had no idea how many women lived there because they always wore Burkas, or where they went or where the children were taken for schooling……. so little interest had been taken in this family.
It’s the Burkas that struck me as interesting because a man could wear one, with a veil , leave the house daily & no one would ever know it wasn’t a woman.

So, did the hard man wear a Burka ?