Abortion is preferable !

Some call abortion ‘barbaric’ [ no it is not when done within the first 12 weeks ] but………. THIS ………. is barbaric.

There are truly some monsters around,this is the latest in monstrosity……. converting baby girls to boys , known as genitoplasty.

I’m so fed up of our own culture constantly being criticised when far far worse things are happening elsewhere .
Yes I know two wrongs do not make a right, but remember there are thousands of Indians,Pakistanis who live in the UK Is this being performed here ?
Parents want male children rather than female. WHY ?

Please don’t tell me it comes down to dowry some 15/16 years later when a girl is pushed into an arranged… if not forced marriage, because the cost of this kind of operation would cover any future dowry.
Parents like this should have been put down at birth, inflicting this on their baby & leaving her pumped up with male hormones for life…… & sterile.

When oh when will women get respect for being just women & not have to comply to this ‘male is superior ‘ mantra ?

“Seven genitoplasty experts in Indore boasted each of them had turned 200 to 300 girls into ‘boys’ so far, with only one being older than 14, the legal age of consent to such an operation.”