Holland seems to be waking up fast , news of them clamping down on Islamisation is truly heartening.
EU demands for labelling halal meat, is not going far enough, it must be banned in the UK & throughout Europe.

We’ve all had enough of multiculturism & Geert Wilders was cleared & his party is growing, France has banned the Burka …. how I hope all this will give courage to our own government.
Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland ban ritual slaughter.

Swiss animal rights groups and far-right politicians have even called for a ban on imported halal and kosher meat.

As for halal meat, as long as the religious, both Jews & Muslims can import their meat I see no problem at all, If they don’t like it then go live in a country with whom you have shared values.

We cannot have animal cruelty laws & then legally take a knife to the throat of live, edible animals & let them bleed to a painful death.
Think about the fuss made when a woman shut a cat in a wheelie bin, do you not see the irony here ?
This hypocrisy has gone on far too long under the nonsense of freedom of religion, I keep saying we must clear this up as many other things within some religions, namely Islam, are illegal,but governments prefer to close a blind eye to them.
Is it any wonder Muslims feel they can break laws in the UK ?