Did you know we had been fined half a million pounds for not flying the ghastly & the trashy, EU flag ?
Unbelievable, we get our own money back from Brussels but this is considered a donation or grant from the EU.

Living in Brittany, an area rumoured to have received way more money than any other part of France, I can tell tell you I rarely see this blue rag.
I sincerely hope they pay their fines, but then again I might as well hope the EU will dissolve in a puff of smoke overnight.

Last year, the UK contributed £6.4billion more to Brussels than it received back.

Note, that’s…. BILLIONS…. NOT Millions

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2011618/Brussels-penalises-UK-museums-firms-councils-500k-flying-EU-flag.html#ixzz1RKixNtYO