To Kate & William who have done a wonderfully successful job on the tour now ended.

Both have performed to an exemplary standard, I couldn’t be more proud of our royals than I am today. At a time when corruption , deceit & immorality is daily fare for our newspapers, these two have been a shining beacon of hope & decency for the future of England.

Without them & this highly successful tour the world would surely see only a country which has lost its way & sinking beneath standards we have always been respected for, those being honesty, fairness & integrity.
There is always so much criticism of the young, but you know what, it isn’t the young who have run the country into the gutter, it’s the middle to older generations, the ones who do all the criticising , even our own PM.

We can only hope Kate & Willim’s age group do a much better job, I’m sure they will with these two as a shining example.

Long live the royals & the stability they provide ….. to the republicans I ask, would you really prefer a Blair, Brown, Miliband or even a Cameron at the top ?

Because that is what you’d get, a greedy, hungrily ambitious being, fighting with world leaders & opposition.
Someone who almost always is mired in gossip & brought down only for another to go the same way.
Why would you want that when you can have both Royals & sleezy politicians ?

With the present Royals, we have people to respect who are above the sordid.

Note to all editors of the media, stop calling the Duchess of Cambridge …. Kate Middleton !