So Cameron gives yet more millions of our money away, without conditions he scatters it like confetti… such is his largesse !
Could a people sue a government, or more precisely a past government ?
It’s an interesting thought.
What rights do the people actually have over events in their country ?
By that I do not mean an election, they have failed us too often.
The only way to regain or retake that which we are entitled to would be to demand referenda ? I see this as a must now it seems politicians lurch from one sordid disaster to the next.
We must make them understand they work for us.

The Magna Carta exists, it lists fundamental rights of the people so surely if government refuses to grant or enact them the people have every right to demand correction or at the very least compensation of some kind ?

The Labour party made decisions & changed the face of the country by flooding it with not only foreigners but alien cultures too, many of which are uncivilised, this has effectively stolen an Englishman & Woman’s right to shape their country & their culture the way they wished.
No permissions were ever sought or granted for those changes, this shows the Magna Carta has been ignored by all recent governments.

Magna Carta:
“When a law or other act of government is challenged as a violation of individual liberty under the Due Process Clause, courts nowadays primarily use two forms of scrutiny, or judicial review.
This inquiry balances the importance of the governmental interest being served and the appropriateness of the government’s method of implementation against the resulting infringement of individual rights. If the governmental action infringes upon a fundamental right, the highest level of review—strict scrutiny—is used.” [48]

“No freeman shall be captured or imprisoned or disseised or outlawed or exiled or in any way destroyed, nor will we go against him or send against him, except by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land.”

I suggest the government have gone against the law of the land, Magna Carta & civil liberties.

“Taxes should be levied in our kingdom only by the consent of our kingdom”
When was our [ we the people ] consent given for all the new EU taxes ?

Magna Carta … Clause 1 , The freedom of the English Church.

Note……………… this does NOT say, ‘freedom of religion’ !

That clause has been corrupted by the European Convention of Human Rights bill as have many others.
Politicians are always keen to espouse the law, time for the people to raise their voices & do the same.