“Dominique Strauss-Khan had sex with three women the same weekend he allegedly assaulted a New York hotel maid, it has today been reported.
The disgraced former IMF chief confessed to his wife that he had bedded the trio in a last hurrah before the French presidential race, according to French magazine Le Point.
‘So, it wasn’t just one for the road before the presidential campaign,’ a friend of wife Anne Sinclair told the magazine. ‘It was three.”

At least they were all willing.
My theory is beginning to come true, that he was still under the influence of Cialis/Viagra or something to give him a lift, when he jumped the maid. LOL !!!

He was obviously on a bender…….

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2015682/It-wasnt-just-road-Dominique-Strauss-Khan-sex-women-weekend-assaulted-maid.html#ixzz1SN7xkhGl”