Did anyone watch it ?
I will grudgingly say it was better than the first part, but will freely say that huge inaccuracies were given, or maybe they were deliberate ‘errors’.

For what it’s worth, in my opinion this series is purely to sanitise that which has besmirched the cult of Islam, producers would never dare to tell the truth……. even if they wanted to.

Questions loomed,Rageh Omaar stated that Mo left Mecca at the age of 50 after he had married & had a family’. Well hang on, in those days people died young, he married Khadijah a 40 year old woman 25 years before, Ibn Ishaq records that Khadijah bore Muhammad six children: a boy named Qasim who lived only two years, then four girls Zaynab, Ruqayyah, Um Kulthum, Fatimah and finally a boy named Abdullah who also died at two. Oh really !!

Then we’re told Mo was stripped of all wealth whilst fighting for supremacy [ their word, I cannot see this as a defensive war as we are always told that’s the only time Mo went to war ] on leaving Mecca,lived like a pauper in Medina where he was hailed as a saviour, yet he was fighting for followers on three sides…..but hey, had a house & built a Mosque!
He began quarrelling with the Jews [ because he wanted them to become Muslims… this was glossed over] & as a sign of his ‘dislike’ of all things related to Judaism, he changed the direction of prayer from Jerusalem to Mecca.
This was is the strangest fact, we know they face Mecca but logically why after what we’re told ?
Mecca the place from which he’d been expelled, where his major enemies were dominant & the people with whom he’d fought his first war, the Qurash tribe, yet he’s insisting Muslims must face them/ Mecca.

Stranger still, Mecca is the Islamic centre,the place every muslim is supposed to visit at least once in their lifetime, for Hajj, the black Kaaba was in the care of Muhammad & his followers……… but wait, wasn’t Muhammad in Medina & his enemies in Mecca ?

Maybe in the next segment this will be cleared up………..or not.

I really began to feel quite queasy with Omaar’s wide eyed excitement, reverence & bum in the air, as a Muslim, he really is not a good choice of presenter for this series. But that’s the BBC for you !