I am heartily sickened by this mornings news on Libya.
This article from the Telegraph confirms why we should never have been baited into this conflict between Gaddafi & the ‘rebels’.

Entering into this feud ‘to save lives’ was folly beyond comprehension, Cameron is gullibly weak,someone spins him a sob story & he falls for it everytime..
Yes he trusts people to tell him the truth but, this, I see as his biggest weakness.

Why did he think ‘rebels’ would be any morally better than Gadaffi or the blood thirsty soldiers fighting for him ?
They are cut from the same cloth, they went through the same upbringing within the same country & culture, the same murderous leader,barbaric & uncouth, the same ‘cult’.
By sending our troops we are supporting these men:

“The headless corpse, the mass grave and worrying questions about Libya’s rebel army’

“The five corpses floated disfigured and bloating in the murky bottom of the water tank. Wearing green soldiers’ uniforms, the men lay belly down, decomposing in the putrid water.”

When will Europe learn that messing with Islam & Muslim countries will alwaysbe like this ? Muslim fighters have no rules of engagement ,no rules of war, no Geneva convention, they don’t take prisoners they behead & kill on sight.
Yet our boys in Afghanistan cannot fire at the enemy when they observe them committing atrocities right before their very eyes !!!
They have to stand & watch the Afghans planting IED’s , planted for one reason only… to kill our troops

Do not read this article whilst eating your breakfast.