Complaints, how often do you do make one ? How successful are you ?

I’m a great believer in giving a company the chance to put something right, rather than a disgruntled customer, this is not to say complaining just for the sake of it,but when something is not as described, faulty, service not given or something just not fit for purpose.
Done the right way, backed up by evidence & determination I find most British companies will respond fairly.
I say British because French are a different breed altogether.

Today, I received a cheque by post from the British arm of a French company , I first registered my dissatisfaction for their product in January !
Having been pushed from the UK to France [ via email ] I eventually emailed the managing director, a cheque was immediately forthcoming.
I shall not use this company again their after-sales are not worth the gamble.

Last week I was in Jersey & put in a personal appearance to the Condor ferry company,I told them how I’d emailed several times since Christmas referring to a refund I felt was due to me after their change of departure times just before last Christmas, [ this due to engine problems] but had never received a reply.
I cancelled my journey with them & booked costly flights instead, because, as my journey was connected to a wedding I couldn’t risk one of their many cancellations.
I’m happy to report there was no argument , 2 days later I was given a full refund plus £40 as ‘goodwill’ off my next journey, making £96 in total…..

Add to this being overcharged three times last week, not by pence but by pounds/euros, once in France, once on the ferry & once in Jersey,if standards are dropping so badly I really think we have to be more vigilant.
If more people complained & we are always told the Brits are not good at it, we don’t like to cause a fuss etc,wouldn’t it help improve things ?
I think it would keep companies on their toes & make them more likely to get things right first time around, do you think the same ?