Youth-Violence-Tied-to-Genes-in-Latest-DNA-Research.htmlYouth-Violence-Tied-to-Genes-in-Latest-DNA-Research.htmlThe good news is the propensity to violence,teen delinquency, can be held at bay by methods already mentioned. The very things that many of the group we have been discussing,are lacking.

OTTAWA – A groundbreaking study of genetic links to teen delinquency has found influences such as family, friends and school can moderate the effects of having “risky” genes.

“Researchers believe some people have a genetic propensity to get into trouble. The study looked at three genetic variations affecting neurotransmitters in the brain that regulate behaviour such as aggression and motivation.”
“Guo and his colleagues are currently collecting DNA samples from 15,000 individuals, and are looking at other genes in the human genome with possible links to delinquency. ”

“But the research indicates that other factors, such as family, friends and school, also have an impact and help account for the differences among those with genetic dispositions toward delinquency.”

“For the boys who had a genetic variable called the DTD2 gene, for example, having a daily meal with one or two parents was a “powerful moderator” of the “risky” gene. “

I realise this is not a complete study but what is found bears no surprise to me, I liken a child to a raw substance,with all the DNA for survival as yet unused.
When a child is born it needs to be trained & molded into what we have become ,civilised.
I have often likened the newly born human brain to a new un-programmed computer hard drive, take care when you do the programming because unlike a computer you cannot erase that which you put in, get it right & a child always has that road map. Programming starts the first day you lift that lid, as it should with a child,you cannot leave it until the child is running wild.
Without that guidance & frame work there can be no surprise when the child remains raw & feral.
Leave a young child with animals & it will adopt their ways including the natural aggression found in animals. It’s the same as that beautiful little puppy you bring home & know it must be trained to behave & know what’s right or wrong to fit into the household.
That means saying NO repeatedly,it’s the same with a child. Discipline with love is the key.