You can imagine how my heart sank on reading this article, by Daniel Knowles, this morning.
After so many promises in the build up to the election,so many promises,so much hope, we now find nothing but excuses & transferred blame.

Cameron promised to cut right back on immigration… he now says he can’t
Cameron promised to make big changes on the EU…he now says he can’t
Cameron promised to ban Hizb ut Tahrir… he now says he can’t.

Out of the three,banning HuT should be the easiest, surely all they have to do is make a statement as they would to ban any other organisation designed purely to cause friction , within our universities ? Would they allow a Nazi party ?

There is only one answer here,fear !

Fear of a backlash from the very radicals who should not be operating & recruiting in our educational establishments . Fear … leading to appeasement.
That is why Cameron wanted to ban them in the first place.

As for the other two [ I’m sure there are others ] the coalition is a useful tool, it has played right into Cameron’s hands,what he won’t/can’t do he blames the yellows, which is becoming ironic when clearly… he is yellow too !

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