I really do think those who want their country to survive these dangerous times, should listen to what this man Tommy Robinson says.
Unfortunately when the EDL were first formed a lot of hooligans did join, Robinson mentions this & then gives very credible reasons for their activities of today.

Of particular interest is about 2/3rds of the way through when he talks about the anti semitism rising in the UK & the Jews are badly treated in his area of Luton…… by the muslim community.

There is one question to answer once you have listened to this interview…that being… if not the EDL then who will/is fighting for the survival of a once brave & fine people… the English & England ?
Only when the people coalesce will we regain some pride in the country, other nations do it, there is nothing wrong in this,the Americans/French do it yet no one criticises them so why allow such criticism in England about England ?

I’ve had enough of those on these pages day after day rubbishing not only the country but the people too, enough already !
Let’s get together, look at the positives & eliminate the negatives,support those who are attempting change, they need your support.
Those Brits who malign the country are every bit as much of the problem as the enemies they criticise.
If ever there was a time to understand the danger we are in, it’s now, time for you to do something about it.