Why in this enlightened age is everything made so difficult ? Why can’t I use the Credit Card of my choice,why is MY money so hard to spend ?

This company which seems to have the monopoly on payments online is ghastly.
I’ve always had problems with them, then last year I opened another account with a Gmail address as opposed to a French one ending in FR.
It worked & I could have an English language account with my HSBC card.
This was then used for automatic Skype top up & other online shopping……..BUT …….now Paypal have changed the rules & only cards registered in the country of residence can be used
Thank goodness for Amazon who are know how to run a business & who don’t create any of these difficulties, consequently I shop a lot with them.

The irony of banks & PP regular advertising on how helpful they are… really grates at times like this.

HSBC have also changed their policy saying only one CC per person !
Geez, bankers make a complete Horlicks of their job & we pay the price.

Twice, my one card ,Visa, has been suspended by HSBC fraud squad for ‘an unusual pattern of spending’ , this time it has been suspended for PP taking £1 , yes £1 & for a failed transaction.
This could have been disastrous,I could have been stranded somewhere with no alternative form of payment as I rarely carry cash !!!
Until the banking crisis I always had a Mastercard as an insurance should there ever be a problem with Visa.
I feel this is so unfair to target customers who have never been in debt & one that pays off the card every month in full.

Does anyone have any suggestions about other companies similar to PP ?
I did use Google check out very successfully,but they are not as wide spread as PP .