Polygamous marriage has no other advantage for the man. Islam is a man’s world as we all know, even though the Muslim male is denied sex before marriage. [ officially ]
Marriage is his gateway to sex & should he choose… multiple partners.
I prefer not to call them wives.
Polygamous marriage means he has sex on tap at all times.
One wife could not fulfill that wish because in Islam, sex is Harem during menstruation,latter stages of pregnancy & for the 40 days after childbirth.

Taking into consideration the many children just one muslim wife generally has, it could be argued that the ‘husband’ would be denied his conjugal rights… not by the woman, but by the tenets of Islam.
The obvious answer to this dilemma was provided by Muhammad himself…..marry multiple women [ or use a slave ] this will ensure one of them will always be in good halal condition.

As we are beginning to see, Islam is a truly flexible religion.There is another quaint, quirk ,which I believe Islamic scholars are arguing over at present.
Muhammad approved of it,so did his wife Aisha, that being the way none relatives can get around the problem of finding themselves in the work place with a member of the opposite sex, a well known taboo, the answer is to make them mother & adopted son … this can be done by allowing the male to suckle the females breast …….. end of problem as this makes them relatives!!!

” The Lady complained to Mohammed who immediately provided her with a genius solution- he asked her to breast-feed Salim, after which she would again be allowed to keep him as a son with her in the house. She said: ‘but Salim is a man and has a beard!’ Mohammed smiled to her and said ‘I know that’.
Mohammed’s wife, Aisha, was very happy to hear the news because she also had problems in allowing men in her house.”

Bless, funny old [muslim] world.


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