I remember reading the story of the cat & Bolivian illegal immigrant whom a mad judge decided could stay in the UK & all the papers carried it ‘because’ it was so bizarre !
Any excuse to bash the Mail , but in fact all the papers carried the story.
Mrs May was absolutely correct to mention it, more men need to read these frivolous articles then maybe they would be aware of the laughing stock that HR law has made of UK .
The judge did not joke about the cat,it was used it as further evidence of a settled relationship.

The judge was at fault yet the likes of Ken Clarke are scoffing & trying to blame the Home secretary for his ignorance. It’s his job to know of this case but he didn’t !
To accuse a woman of lying/misleading is a disgrace & many owe her an apology, do you really believe she wouldn’t have done her homework ???
I hope Ken Clarke has paid May the fiver he bet on this.
The way judges are interpreting HR laws are in danger of doing to the UK what Rowan Williams has done to the church.

The Tories must get to grips with judges who use spurious risible nonsense to prevent deportation of criminals, their reputation rides on this.
If a man wants family life he can have it in his own country, but mainly the law must speed up to prevent these criminals creating a family in the interim period.

As for Charles holding up the intelligence of judges … I think it’s been amply demonstrated many are nothing of the sort or they have the intelligence of that other towering intellect [ so we were told ] which got us into this mess…one Gordon Brown & wife !

Judges know the law,they may well know it inside out,but they have demonstrated little common sense…they are slaves to the written word & devoid of instinct.

The Home secretary needs our support to carry changes through, she must succeed.

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