Few could begrudge them this award, the pride & dignity shown by residents for a full three years, was deeply moving.
For all the worrying things changing our country how good it is to see there are still those who are respectful & grateful to those who give their lives for it.
How also comforting it must have been for the families of those lost soldiers to witness not only residents of Royal Wootton Bassett, but many others moved enough to journey to the town & do the same.

Seeing The Princess Royal there performing the duty of unveiling the the royal assent [?] I couldn’t help thinking that she would make a good Queen………….which led me onto thinking about the discussions taking place on the royal line of accession.
Can anyone think why a daughter should not be a Queen if she is the first born ?

I do hope the rules are changed & in time for William & Kate’s first born, afterall we do have equality laws so this must be overdue.


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