Forums, political journalists & bloggers are all buzzing about the forthcoming vote on the EU referendum in the UK.
It would appear the main consensus is one of dismay that Cameron has ordered a three line whip on his MP’s for a ‘No” vote.
Commentators are all asking the same question WHY ? Why & how can this be in a prominent Western democracy , in a country which insists on boasting to countries like Libya they must become a democratic country ?
For all those under 50 this has a truly hollow ring about it, people who have never had a say on the EU, are being denied one now.

What a disgrace that MP’s are not allowed to vote by conscience,what a pity Cameron has not filfilled his promise to ‘listen’ !!!
I genuinely believe this is Cameron’s ‘Duffy’ moment & one he’ll bitterly regret come the next election.
I was so hopeful of this man doing the right thing , clearly I’m now disappointed… as are many many of those off whom he stole votes. We were wrong we thought he would do a better job than the ghastly Brown,but has he , what has he actually achieved ?

Mac sums it up in this cartoon, better than I ever could.
Below this cartoon are written the words:

‘It’s believed he committed political suicide way back in 2011’

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