The longer they put off this referendum the less likely it will ever happen.
In the meantime money flows to Brussels at the rate of 40 million pounds A DAY & immigrants flow into the UK at a rate too high to sustain.
People are sick & tired of hollow promises from politicians who rarely honour them & they will not accept any more as a sop to prevent further anger.
Cameron has been shown as a fast talker & a slow ‘doer’.
His priorities are all wrong with his sights set overseas & not his own country of which he is Prime Minister.
To prevent a free vote on the single question of…. shall we have a referendum on the EU,yes or no, shows he never intends to hold one.
His ridiculous promise to ‘renegotiate’ powers from the EU means nothing, it will never be done or achieved ,constant excuses will be given……..even if I’m wrong & it were achieved this would be light years away & Cameron would be long gone, which he knows full well so can make the promise freely!
In the meantime we pay out billions to be wasted by corrupt eurocrats,the UK fills up with immigrants who need housing ,our green fields get built on & indigenous people lose their jobs to the invaders.

Enough is enough !

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