Yes Mr Cameron, many are telling you to look at what is happening right under your nose in your own country !
Madrassars are springing up all over the country , schools where children are being brainwashed against us & cruelly beaten. Yet in our own schools teachers are banned from touching their pupils.

There’s the eight-year-old boy who was punched in the back several times for making a mistake in his studies, or the boy, also eight, who had his head pulled back by the hair for not praying loud enough, or the nine-year-old forced into the ‘Hen position’ before being punched on the back and slapped in the face for not learning his Koranic lines and talking in class.”

These are British children being educated in the UK not in the ME by some brutal regime.
A quarter of a million children attend one of the 3,500 madrassars in the UK ……. & the number is growing.
Why don’t the parents of these children report this cruelty to their children ? Two reasons,they are part of the system themselves or fear & intimidation prevents them going ‘outside’ their Islamic world.
Yet they live in a democratic UK.

“A recent Government report concluded that over the past decade, Al Qaeda followers have used Britain’s madrassas to radicalise young Muslims.
Indeed, a Home Office-funded project, set up in 2007, to try to spot future terrorists, has identified more than 300 children who are ‘vulnerable’ to Islamic radicalisation. The figure comprises an astonishing 55 under-12s, and another 290 aged up to 16.

MR Cameron, this has been going on for years, I personally have blogged on the problem many times over the last 4 years yet here we have the problem as big as ever
The BBC,C4 & others have also highlighted it but still this problem grows, are you lacking the courage to take on the law breakers of a violent sect ?
Why is Ofsted not doing speck checks on these schools ?

Would you even know if a child died at any of these madrassars ?

Read more:What-going-Britains-mosque-schools-Beatings-humiliation-lessons-hating-Britain.html#ixzz1bnqSO2Dx

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