Here is the Mail Comment,it’s a must read piece,listing exactly what we should take back [?] from Brussels & the one & lonely libdem who kept his manifesto pledge. Courageous man !

If politicians don’t feel profound shame after reading it [ which they probably won’t do either ] then they deserve to be de-selected.
This is what more of the media should do, tell it as it is, no bluffing or obfuscating, had they always done this the truth would not have been hidden & those who spoke out would not have been accused of being extreme right wingers or radicals.

But given that manifesto pledge, what in the name of integrity possessed David Cameron to impose a three-line whip in the first place, instructing his MPs to breach their electors’ trust on pain of losing their government jobs or their hopes of promotion to the front bench?
And how profoundly depressing and unedifying to see those lifelong Eurosceptics William Hague and Michael Gove wriggling like maggots on a hook as they betrayed every belief about Europe they’ve espoused throughout their political careers.”

“The supreme irony of Monday’s debate is that it was called in answer to a mass public petition, in accordance with a pre-election Conservative pledge that was meant to prove the party’s determination to reconnect the political class with the people. In the event, the e-petition gimmick served only to highlight and deepen the yawning democratic deficit between the rulers and the ruled.”

Read more:EU-referendum-Britain-deception.html#ixzz1btuIMOws

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