I think I’m in love !
I have just watched a conversation with Peter Oborne on Russian TV, [ RT ] what a truly refreshing interview, no party mantra, fibs or lies, just pure unadulterated truth about the setting up of the Euro zone, the disaster its become & how when the Euro was born the eurosceptics in the UK were called nutters & radicals for not wanting to join it, some even lost their jobs because of their views.
He slated the Financial Times for their similar criticism & their whole hearted endorsement of the project.

He mentioned repeatedly how the BB☪ had swallowed the whole European plan from the start & sidelined & wrote off those who saw the problems with this impossible dream. Also how the BB☪ refused to recognise UKIP as a viable party, giving them little to no air time..
Being eurosceptic was seen as anti establishment, but by being pro Europe was seen as respectable.

Oborne went on to say something which proves to me he is more in touch with the mood of the country than all of the politicians who voted against the recent Nuthall bill…… he said ‘ it was Joe blogs, the man/woman in the street, who could see where all this was leading & many were vehemently against further integration into Europe. Politicians only saw self agrandissement & have indeed done very well out of the whole project.

Credit where credit is due & as begrudging as it is, we must recognise the one & only advantage we had with the warring Blair & Brown duo……. Brown’s bloody minded attitude to all Blair tried to do, was that he kept us out of the Euro,for which we should all be exceedingly grateful……..

Brown, admittedly by default, saved us from that fate !
An article here by Peter Oborne on the BB☪:


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