BUT… no charges were brought…for homophobia,anti semitism or threatening behaviour, same old cry don’t upset the Muslims Grrrr!

The group ‘Muslims against Crusades’ stormed a mosque where the MP Mike Freer was meeting constituents [ that’ll teach him] in Finchley on Friday. These ghastly people had placed a warning on their website for Mr Freer… which fortunately he did not see.
I say fortunately because it’s only when MP’s experience the hatred of these people will anything be noticed by MP’s & what ordinary people are seeing every day in places such as Tower Hamlets.

“In a chilling message ahead of the incident on the group’s website, they referred to Labour MP Stephen Timms -who was stabbed while holding a surgery in east London last year -warning the attack on him should serve as a ‘piercing reminder’ to politicians that ‘their presence is no longer welcome in any Muslim area”.
I’d say unbelievable if I didn’t know better.

Mr Freer,poor man had to be locked in a secure room until the danger had passed, he has now demanded Theresa May ban the group ………yet again !

Read more: Tory-MP-hidden-safety-Muslim-extremist-group-storms-mosque-visit-invoking-Stephen-Timms-stabbing-website.html#ixzz1cH5E6EyK

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