Nice little article here where researchers tried to find the best language for conveying the clearest & most unambiguous message.

“Three French linguists at the University of Lyon recorded 59 people, divided equally among men and half, reading five-sentence texts identical in meaning at a normal speed in their mother tongue. Then they computer-edited out the pauses and counted syllables and information per time unit and language. The goal was to draw conclusions about how fast a specific density of information could be communicated in the seven languages.”

Out of seven languages & unsurprisingly, English came first but [ to me ] with a surprising second… Chinese !
Apparently the study was also done with a greater number of languages last year by an Austrian team testing 51 languages, they came up with the same winner , English.

In this we see there is still something of which we can be proud & the world wants it too, go to any country in the world & someone will speak our language, how many of us have been amazed at the number of English speakers on camera in Libya & such places ?

British schools must treasure this fact & insist on higher standards than at present.
NB: For government too, save the country 25 million pounds pa & dump all those translators.

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