They’ve been called unprofessional by the IMF, I think this may go across the board, the devastation now seen due to earthquakes & the inefficiency in the handling of it has shown the world Turkey has much to do in raising standards in all areas of their infrastructure, country & lifestyle.

The tragedy seen of families wiped out through sloppy building & sloppy legislation enforcement,new buildings falling like a pack of cards because cowboy builders were not checked or controlled.
When will governments realise legislation is useless if not enforced ?
That includes our own government who turn a blind eye when they should be using laws that were drawn up for a purpose.

Turkey is in a seismically active region, yet still shoddy building were allowed, they talk of ‘the big one’ hitting Istanbul in the future, I can only hope the two tremors they have just experienced with 1,400 aftershocks gets them working flat out enforcing those building laws……..ASAP.
It’s no coincidence that the collapsed buildings were mainly the newer ones, sea sand containing shells has found,with very little cement in the mix,is it any wonder buildings are collapsing ?
Added to this the many deaths on their roads,Turkey is becoming a danger zone for all who live & venture there.
A popular cheap destination for many UK trippers, Turkey has been heavily marketed of late but this negligent manner will kill the golden goose which has boosted their economy massively.

Even when the world offered help in the rescue effort they didn’t see the urgency in how imperative it was to have help at the soonest in bringing people out alive. Many died unnecessarily through a governments arrogance & false pride, nor did they didn’t see the aftercare which would be needed for the survivors……..

Not a week goes by that our papers don’t report on road death,balloon accident or murder has taken place there,life in Turkey seems cheap.
They have a long way to go before they can call themselves ‘European’ or living to European standards………..oh and what other European country is in an earthquake zone ?
Turks must take more responsibility & push their government harder…. for their own safety.

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