Reading the papers this morning I saw the choice was between posting on the vast fortune the Catholic church makes from pornography or on delicious Caviar…………I decided on the latter.

I have fond romantic memories of Beluga being served to me with chopped white of egg, chopped yoke of egg, chopped onion & crackers….along with Champagne. This would be prepared by the man who became my husband [second] & served to me……. in bed for Sunday breakfast !
I smile as I write this because I can imagine the reaction of some [ how frightfully decadent eh Marieglove ? ] & at the memory of those heady days. 🙂

The article which stirred this memory is here, which tells us that Caviar is now coming from China.
Many of the top French restaurants apparently will not state where this delicate luxury comes from these days, they allow clients to think it still comes from the Sturgeon of Caspian sea & is still in short supply …… could it be, ‘Made in China’ has a down market ring to it or could it be that it comes from the, ‘Thousand Island Lake’ of Zhejiang Province, which sounds like a tacky salad dressing ?
Whatever or where ever Caviar comes from I can only hope the Chinese will drop the price & soon make it affordable for me to buy !


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