Yesterday I was listening to Al Jazeera, an Arab journalist based in Jeddah, stated quite emphatically that France ,UK & Turkey were all planning to hit Syria in approximately a months time. This would be launched from Turkey.

We then see Germany,France,Netherlands & the UK pull their envoys /staff from Iran………….. Norway closes it’s Embassy in Tehran.
Italy & Austria are considering the same.
This is clearly a co-ordinated plan in preparation for the ‘big one’.

This morning we hear of Israeli preparations to attack Iran.

How will the 70,000 Iranians residing in the UK react ?
All this means one thing a war is imminent starting with Syria under the pretext of a ‘peace keeping / no fly rule.

I shudder at the thought, playing with fire such as this,makes the Euro crisis look like childs play, some Christmas this is going to be!

World war 3…. commences ?


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