Well really, women now being advised to stop looking at & handling any food which is ‘penis shaped’.
How dreadfully wicked that these women should have such normal thoughts, clearly their downfall is imminent.
I do hope they are not heard saying yes, yes, yes at the check-out. 🙂

If the sheik thinks these green warty things look familiar, I suggest he sees a doctor!
When will these men ever mature ?

“An Islamic cleric living in Europe has said that women should not be close to bananas or cucumbers, in order to avoid any ‘sexual thoughts’.
The unnamed sheikh was quoted by el-Sawsana news saying that if women wish to eat these food items, a third party, preferably a male relative, should cut the items into small pieces and serve.
The cleric said that these fruits and vegetables ‘resemble the male penis’ and could arouse women or ‘make them think of sex,’ in a story reported on Egyptian news website Bikya Masr.”

Has anyone asked if Melons will also carry similar rules to stop men thinking of sex ?

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