Because we do have a judge with some common sense !

A judge has ruled it is legal to ban non speaking English immigrants a residents visa.
Read this article & ask yourself why a woman who’s been married to the same man for 37 years, has six children by him ……. suddenly wants he husband to come & live in the UK ?
He does not speak , write or have any knowledge of English, now if ever there was a case for her right to a family life this has to be it……for her to go home .
If she wanted a family life what the hell has she been playing at all these years ?
She is a British citizen & does not speak English either .
The cheek of it, she & two other couples sued for their rights,,,,,no doubt at our expense !

“The claimants’ lawyers launched the judicial review in the High Court, arguing that the rule contravened the right to a family life and the right to marry under the European Convention on Human Rights.”


“In his judgment, Mr Justice Beatson said the new rule did not interfere with the claimants’ right to marriage and was legitimate in its aim of protecting public services and promoting integration.”

Read more:Ban-immigrants-speak-English-legal-A-victory-common-sense.html#ixzz1giWnthN6

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