I find this quite tragic, having spent two weeks in Cairo once, I was impressed with the history & all the sites we visited.

We did all the usual things, climbed up inside the great pyramid of Giza [ not shown ] took photos of the sphinx,the tombs & spent time queueing to enter the fantastic museum .
Did the Nile dinner cruise, watched the belly dancing,the children rode Camels, etc
In addition we did a trip into the Sahara & got caught in sand storm,trekked on horseback to an oasis & up a steep mountainous pass to an old Abbey……..quite terrifying ! [ Or was that Morocco ? ]
In between activities lazed around the pool.
Not at any time did we feel unsafe…even when returning to the hotel our taxi was flagged down at 1am, [after a show ] by armed police on the outskirts of Cairo…… yet now, a woman with two youngsters would surely not feel safe ?
It is tragic to think the present upheaval will prevent many from seeing these amazing places & that the locals of the country will suffer,especially when so many are employed in the tourist business.

This article states almost certainly that Egypt will be Islamized aka Pakistan style & I have to say,that’s the way it looks to me.

CAIRO – Observing the recent actions of three major players on the Egyptian political scene ― the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), the US Embassy and Islamists ― suggests that Egypt may soon come to resemble Pakistan.
“We should therefore brace ourselves for the ‘pakistanization’ of Egypt, rather than wasting our time preparing for a Turkish model that will never arrive.”


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