MyT blogger Metin has voiced his concern at the way Turkey is losing its Attaturk values & becoming more & more Islamised.
He’s right, I have seen some disturbing signs too. This morning another one which is truly proof of the way Turkey is going. A well known scholar & writer, Professor Mina Urgan who has written much about the world in general . “Urgan, who prefers to call herself “a retired teacher,” is a professor of English literature retired from Istanbul University’s Literature Department. Her studies on Thomas Moore, Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf and D.H. Lawrence and her books, “History of English Literature” and “Clowns in Elizabethan Era Theater” gained her a solid place among world literary scholars..”

However her book “Memoirs of a Dinosaur,” is one of the very unique examples of autobiographical books in Turkey, is now under scrutiny by the Turkish education department:
“An examination into Mina Urgan’s book by the Education Ministry: The ministry has started an investigation against a literature teacher who advised her students to read Mina Urgan’s wonderful book titled “The Memoirs of a Dinosaur.”
A principal has reacted by saying, “Why do they recommend books of authors of a different religion?”
Over this, the ministry has assigned the same principal to investigate the case.

Maybe those Turks who deny the Armenian Genocide will realise this is what happens in Turkish schools, education is severely selective & only to get worse. In the past they covered up & denied their own history but now they’re trying to close minds to exploration of the other faiths & cultures.
How can they succeed when there’s the internet ?
Why not ban that too as they did Youtube, twice,Darwin’s books & certain internet sites.


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