To talk !

Royals do it,presenters do it & yes I do too,but now feel self conscious when I catch myself over indulging !
A friend brought this phenomenon to my attention a few months ago & I have seen he is right.
Have you noticed how everyone now uses their hands as soon as they begin to speak ?
It’s quite extraordinary, foreign correspondents & the like, never used to wave their arms around to make a simple statement or report.
I swear many would now be dumb if they couldn’t use this extra language…. I wonder how they manage on the phone,come to think about it they probably carry on waving their free arm.
Have we become more Latino or Gallic, surely the British never indulged in this extrovert display as much as they do now ? Certainly not in Victorian times.
Obviously when excited or trying to describe a shape, hands have a part to play, but weren’t we taught to gesticulate only when emphasising a point have we become so dumbed down we need to gesticulate to articulate ?

What do you think,do you do it….are you comfortable with people staying still or would you prefer to see them constantly moving their arms ?

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